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The World’s Newest Superhero Lion Man is Coming from author K.A.J Singh

17 November 2010

Move over Superman, and make way for the world's newest super-hero - Lion Man! Celebrities including Uri Geller and Prince Manvenda Singh Gohil have liked the Facebook Fan Page.

Written by K.A.J Singh, Lion Man is the story of a timeless hero, known to the world as the biblical figure Samson though now disguised as Oxford University Professor Samuel Hunter. Spanning thousands of years Samuel’s life is told as are his encounters with eminent figures including artists, explorers and kings. In the present day Samuel has the burden of defeating a secret order, intent on trapping him, acquiring his great strength and immortality. Samuel’s struggle is only heightened with rising crime he must fight, concealing his true identity and the love of his life, Delilah, reappearing after centuries.

Lion Man is the first fictional novel in a trilogy about the biblical character Samson. Samson is presented as the world’s first immortal hero and in the present day has assumed the identity of Samuel Hunter, an Oxford University professor of History, teaching history he has personally lived through. He is a timeless hero who is bestowed with the powers of immortality and limitless strength.

Set in the present day Samuel is besieged with trouble when Rembrandt’s painting of him is stolen having been on display in London’s National Gallery for only one day. Samuel leverages his academic eminence and becomes an advisor to the London Police, allowing him to keep up with developments of the theft in real time. There is speculation London’s most notorious crime syndicate, the Blood Hound Gang, are behind the theft. Samuel is horrified when these speculations appear untrue and the real culprits are the Fates, a secret order dedicated to corrupting the course of history through their own power of strength which was acquired from Samuel’s blood whilst he was their prisoner in the temple of Dagon four thousand years ago. Samuel struggles to determine who is a fate at present; usually they were distinguishable with blood shot eyes that were reddened through consuming Samuel’s blood though with an inevitable surprise attack on the horizon this leads him to question their obvious appearance.

The book develops the character of Samuel through a diverse journey which spans his entire life. Through flashback chapters one third of Lion Man details Samuel’s trials and tribulations in different decades, centuries and millennia. As the modern plot develops, the chapters set in the past aspects denote Samuel’s encounters with Emperors, Kings and Artists alike from Tutankhamen through to Rembrandt himself. This takes the reader on a diverse journey across the world they already know and recreates scenarios with figures of history which help to enhance the plot set in the present day.

It becomes clear that the Fates are intent on trapping Samuel again through a series of mind twisting acts; they wish to keep him as their eternal prisoner. Samuel cannot be killed and neither do the Fates want to kill him but instead feed on his empowering blood in order to achieve dominance forever. Samuel finds solace in the form of his old friend and Oxford University porter, Herbert Mitchell, who becomes a pawn in the Fates game to lure Samuel when he is kidnapped. Samuel strives to save his best friend though his problems are heightened with the increasing crime in London that he feels responsible to fight and the love of his life, Delilah, reappearing after centuries. In an age where everything can be photographed and captured on video, Samuel takes measures to conceal his identity and act as a symbol of hope to the world thus becoming Lion Man, a label the British Daily Newspaper creates as Samuel’s outfit has the emblem of two lions across its breast. We learn from a historical flashback chapter it is Samuel’s encounter with a Lion four millennia ago where he attains his great power, a power he must use to circumvent the success of the Blood Hound Gang, suppress the Fates and save his dearest friend.

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