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This Week on Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend: Actress Lauren Lapkus Shares Her Excitement About Her Role In Jurassic World

15 June 2015

Actress Lauren Lapkus Shares Her Excitement About Her Role In Jurassic World, Divulges Whether Or Not She Will Return In Season 3 Of Orange Is The New Black, And Chats About Her Upcoming Role On The New TBS Sitcom, Clipped

Los Angeles – Jurassic World set record-breaking numbers at the box office on Friday, June 12th, earning the third-biggest opening day of all time. One of the most memorable comic-relief moments of the film undoubtedly went to comedian and actress, Lauren Lapkus (Orange Is The New Black, Are You There Chelsea?), in a scene with her control room engineer counterpart, actor Jake Johnson (New Girl, Let’s Be Cops, 21 Jump Street).

Lauren discusses the surreal feeling of what it’s like to be part of the cast in the blockbuster phenomenon Jurassic World on today’s (June 15th) episode of the Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend podcast.

“I’m one of the engineers in the control room at Jurassic World, the amusement park (0:33:19). I thought it was, like, a three-line role, so I really didn’t give [the audition] much weight… But when I got it I was so excited, and then finding out it was a bigger role than what I thought was of course great, so, it’s really cool. (0:34:47)”

Prior to Jurassic World, Lauren was most recognised as the sweet-hearted corrections officer, Susan Fischer, in the NETFLIX Original series Orange Is The New Black, which began its 3rd season on Thursday, June 11th. Lauren’s character was fired from the prison in season 2 when she made an argument to her boss, Assistant to the Warden, Joe Caputo, that the prisoners were being punished unfairly.

Alison asked Lauren, point blank “Are you coming back on Orange Is The New Black? (0:24:38)”

Lauren broke the news, “No, I’m not. I’m not in season three! Sorry guys! (0:24:38)”

Lauren has moved onto a new TBS series sitcom from the creators of Will & Grace, called Clipped.

“It’s a multi-cam sitcom with George Wendt (Cheers), Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical), and some other really fun people who you’ll soon love. I’m the receptionist, and we all work at a barbershop. We went to high school together in Boston, and we all ran with different cliques, and now we’re all stuck in the same hometown working together. (0:20:58)”

Lauren reveals a fun fact about Clipped “We do cut people’s hair, actually. I don’t have to because I’m the receptionist, but everyone else is a barber on the show and we cut background people’s hair. They all had barber training. (0:21:49)”

Clipped premieres Tuesday, June 16th on TBS.

Also discussed in this episode:

Her comedy podcast, With Special Guest, Lauren Lapkus (0:00:44)
Lauren’s extremely finicky eating habits (0:05:44), (01:15:45)
Her high school days, and early days of performing (0:11:41)
The start of her improv comedy career (0:15:11)
Being repeatedly cast as someone who is “sweet” (0:23:02)
What it was like being cast on Orange Is The New Black (0:24:46)
Putting herself on tape for auditions and related disasters (0:26:37)
Buying from companies that have politics you don’t agree with (0:59:26)

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