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This Week On Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend: Comedian Andy Kindler

02 March 2015

Comedian Andy Kindler Previews This Year's "State Of The Industry" Address; Goes Off on Maher, Gervais, Leno and Fallon and Gets Personal Regarding a Recent Loss

One week after Alison Rosen’s electrifying interview with Richard Pryor’s widow Jennifer Lee Pryor made international news (her sharp words about Bill Cosby were picked up by Billboard, Salon, Us Weekly, E! Online, Jezebel, Howard Stern Show, Inside Edition, Hollywood Reporter, Daily Mail, New York Daily News and countless others), Alison sits down with comedian Andy Kindler.

Kindler will be reaching an incredible milestone this year with his popular  “State of the Industry” address at Montreal’s Just For Laugh’s festival. 2015 will be Kindler’s 20th consecutive year performing the stand up comedy event at JFL. “State of the Industry” has consistently been one of the biggest highlights of the festival. It is an hour of new comedy from Kindler where he goes off on what angers him about the current state of comedy, and singles out the comedians that anger him the most.

Alison Rosen pressed for details about this year’s performance on the Monday episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend.

“Any hints or teasers about what will be mentioned this year? (1:12:46)”

“You know, there’s perennials. Even though Leno’s gone [from The Tonight Show] I can still [mess with him]. I’ve come up with; Leno has a car that runs on the energy of all the people’s dreams that he’s crushed. (1:12:54)”

There’s a shortlist of comic celebrities that get under Andy’s skin. Jay Leno being one of them.

“…He’s disingenuous. People think Letterman is a curmudgeon, but I love that he’s honest… But Leno, just the fact that he agreed to retire and then waits till Conan’s writers move their families to Los Angeles and says ‘Well, ya know I think I’ll take back The Tonight show’. (1:15:03)”

He also vents his feelings about Bill Maher (0:47:57), Jimmy Fallon (1:13:22), and Ricky Gervais.

“The things that get me the most upset are things that I actually liked at one time, like Ricky Gervais. I used to love The Office, but then he became such a jerk (1:16:14). He’s always bragging about how many mansions he has. He advocates for animals, which is cool, but [he posted online] ‘This is the only kind of trophy hunting that I believe in.’ and it’s a picture of him in front of his awards. He’s all about superficial things and he’s mean about people’s weight, I can’t stand that. (1:17:04)”

Impassioned rants like these are along the same vein of what you can expect from the always hilarious “State of the Industry” address, scheduled for this July at the Just For Laughs festival. It is streamed live on Sirius Satellite radio.

Alison also talks with Kindler on a more intimate level about the recent passing of his father (0:28:43), his issues with anger, particularly on Twitter (0:40:39), and developing his comedy career later in life after initially pursuing a career in music (1:01:47).

Follow Andy Kindler on Twitter @AndyKindler, and check out his website for current tour dates at his website.

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