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Thor’s Chris Hemsworth wanted for Shadow Runner

30 June 2011

Since Thor made a big impression on the cinematic world earlier this year, its star Chris Hemsworth has become something of a sought after talent.

The actor is currently busy filming Joss Whedon's The Avengers in Mexico and will be seen alongside Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman and while he's attached to countless roles, another one has cropped up. It appears that Hemsworth is attached to a new Sony action thriller called Shadow Runner.

Details about the thriller are a closely guarded secret at the moment with both Sony and idea generator/ executive producer Hossein Amini willing to unveil what it's actually about but Deadline report that it’s been inspired by an Israeli assassination team tracking Hamas bigwig Mahmoud al Mabhouh to a hotel in Dubai and killing him. Which points to Hemsworth leading a covert team who pull off dangerous, secret missions.

Hemsworth is also set to appear in Red Dawn and Cabin in the Woods both of which don't have UK release dates.

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