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Tom Hardy reveals cathartic experience

27 August 2011

Tom Hardy who is currently filming his role of Bane, the villain in the eagerly awaited The Dark Knight Rises has revealed that he found playing an alcoholic a cathartic experience.

The 33 year old British born actor battled drink and drugs addictions until he entered rehab in 2003 says portraying troubled ex-Marine Tommy in Warrior allowed him to draw on his own "personal experience" of alcohol abuse.

Speaking to British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the talented actor said "I felt very much at home with the sadder side of Tommy, but it's not a territory I need to dwell in. I don't need to discuss or work around the abuse that surrounds alcoholism and dysfunction in families who suffer from that disease because it's something I can draw on from personal experience. It was actually quite cathartic, and I felt a responsibility to those who understand that world and those who don't and to open a window on it."

He goes on to say that he can relate to a number of the issues in the movie which affected his own life, including "the loss of a father figure" adding "The dysfunction of an alcoholic family, the issues of abandonment. I have all kinds of things from separation anxiety and abandonment, the loss of a mother's gaze at a certain age, the loss of a father figure, manhood, forgiveness, amendment. And recovery - natural recovery. The evolution of a family and moving on. Tommy is not a very happy person, so I spent a lot of days unhappy. It had its toll."

Warrior comes to UK cinemas from Gavin O'Connor hits cinemas on September 23 and stars Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison, Kevin Dunn and David Morse.

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