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Tom Hardy Vs Chris Pine In This Means War Trailer

14 October 2011

Everyone loves a spy film right, from Tinker Tailor Solder Spy, to...Johnny English: Reborn..ahem, anyway next up we have the latest film from the director whose name sounds like something on the mcdonalds menu, McG.

This Means War is a action comedy starring Tom Hardy and Chris Pine as two top CIA agents who discover they are both dating the same girl, they both decide to play it out and let the best man win...cue lots of espionage based cock-blocking from the two as they try to one up each other and win over the girl for themselves.

its not the most groundbreaking of plots but actually, its a concept that has plenty of potential because we've seen films in the past where two men fight over a girl with hilarious consequences, now with McG at the helm, and no dobut a vast budget supporting them they can really up ante in terms of action and the idea of two modern day secret service agents utilising the skills and technology they have simply to win a childish pact is brimming with possibility.

The first few seconds in the trailer, you might be forgiven for thinking this will be a fairly decent action film with a solid set of acting chops in Hardy and Pine, (if they dont ever open up a furniture store together they've certainly missed a trick) but the film quickly descends into farce, and we're introduced to the female protagonist at the root of the problems played by Reece Weatherspoon as well as her older, wise cracking friend played by Chelsea Handler...who is basically playing Chelsea Handler

Theres a chance this could be vagualy interesting, but we'll just have to wait till February 17, 2012 to judge.