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If You Like Netflix And Gambling – LEPRECHAUN 3 TO 21 To OCEAN’S THIRTEEN To WIN IT ALL To CROUPIER: Top Netflix Gambling Movies

18 March 2021

If you like Netflix and gambling, here is the ultimate combination. We will present you with the best Netflix movies you can watch right now. All of these are related to gambling in one way or another and all of these are great creations that have been known to have millions of happy viewers. Let’s begin.

Leprechaun 3

The leprechaun is a mystical creature that is associated with Ireland and gold. They are mostly present in online slots you can play at online casinos and they are very appealing to watch. In this movie, however, the situation is different. The leprechaun will chase the people who stole the gold and it is a horror creation.  

Of course, there are 3 sequels in total and this one is a mixture of comedy and horror which makes it one of a kind movie. It is a bit of a strange movie and many viewers will need some time to get used to it, but it is fun as well and should be on your list.




This is a simple movie that follows the life of college students. They are special to a special professor due to one reason. They can count cards. Thanks to this, they will have regular visits to the casino and they will make massive profits. 

This will last for a long period of time and the money they will accumulate is stunning. The name of the movie refers to the game, called Blackjack where the number 21 has a huge role. We must add that this movie is based on a true story!



Ocean’s Thirteen

For most gamblers, this is a movie that must be watched. In it, a professional team of con artists will defeat a bad casino owner. He cheats their friend and as such, he must pay. There is no way to actually rob the casino as in the first sequel, but they can do something even worse. They can rig the games and for a specific period of time players can play and win big time. 

They have a team of players in the lobby and all of them bet high at a specific moment. As such, some even won millions. The movie is fun and has a happy outcome. There is a lot of mystery present and there are even more funny elements that you will need these days.



Win it All

Jake Johnson is in the character known as Eddie. He is a gambler who tries to find the best payout casinos that are now listed at CasinoDeps.co.nz and wants to win some money. But, he also wants to stop so he is visiting a therapist. At the same time, he is given a bag with mysterious content. He will get $10.000 if he holds it for some time. Sadly, Eddie opens the bag and he sees a lot of money inside. 

For him, this is the best day of his life and he starts to think about what to do with that money. As you can imagine, he will gamble with it and yes, he will lose everything. But, the person who gave him the bag is a thief so this movie isn’t as easy as you may think. Now he doesn’t have the money nor the bag but he must pay the money back. How will he do it and what he will try to do?




Croupier can be defined as a movie completely different from any other gambling movie. The reasons are simple. While all other movies are located in Las Vegas and follow the gamblers, this one is located in London and follows the dealer. 

It is a well-known fact that the movie is strange and comes as a completely opposite creation than anything else, which only makes it better and more desirable.




Although we have mentioned that these movies are great for gamblers, they are ideal for all kinds of people out there. All the movies from the list have a lot of great aspects such as great actors, real experience, even better scenes and so much more. 

In a nutshell, these are great creations and they can help you have a nice night with your friends or alone. Add all of these movies to your list and enjoy. If you are a gambler, you will have even more fun.


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