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Top Ten Violent Moments on BOARDWALK EMPIRE

02 August 2013

Boardwalk Empire is one of the most explosive and violent shows on TV. To celebrate the release of the show’s Complete Third Season on Blu-ray and DVD on 5 August, where the arrival of gangster Gyp Rossetti brings even more action, we have compiled the all-time best violent scenes. Whether it be the constant war between mobsters for the control of the bootlegging industry or settling an unpaid debt, the life of a mobster in 1920s Atlantic City often ended in violence...


Jimmy Darmody takes over Greek Town

With Johnny Torrio and Al Capone, Jimmy meets with a rival gang to discuss a deal and peace between the two groups. Arriving unarmed, the trio eventually outsmarts the rival gang on their way out the door, ending with a shootout and new leaders of Greek Town.

Al Capone makes a statement

While serving liquor at a bar, Al Capone is approached by a reporter from The Chicago Tribune asking about the death of Big Jim Colosimo, accusing Capone’s boss, Johnny Torrio of the murder. When asked for a statement, Capone uses violence instead of words.

Gyp Rosetti kills buried man

When it comes to violence and murder, mobsters could often win for creativity in the way they carry out killing someone. Buried in the sand on with only his head visible, Gyp Rosetti waits for the tide to come in and drown the man. When the man’s brother begs to let him go, Rosetti decides to speed up the process.

Richard Harrow Killing Spree

Armed with a rifle, shotgun and pistol, Richard Harrow enters a building crawling with Gyp Rosetti’s men looking for Rosetti himself. The hunt for Rosseti and Harrow’s determination to kill anyone that gets in his way is a fatal blow to Rosetti’s organization.

Ku Klux Klan

At a distillery owned by Chalky White there is a knock on the door. When it is opened, men in white robes and hats open fire on the building, killing many of White’s men and starting an all out war between Chalky’s organization and the Ku Klux Klan.

Forest Shooting

Stranded in the forest with car trouble shooting comes from the trees between two groups of mobsters fighting for control of the distribution of liquor in the area. The two entities eventually call a cease fire and strike a deal.

Don’t mess with Al Capone

There’s a reason he had the nickname scarface.  In an instant Al Capone can snap and show his temper, clearly showing that you should never offend or disrespect him in anyway; unless you want to be murdered or receive a beating, or both.

Hotel Shootout

After members of Nucky’s family leave him, Nucky looks to inform the other members of his organization of what is being planned against him by Gyp Rosetti. By the time Nucky’s assistant picks up the phone to make the calls it is too late. Rosetti’s men storm the building to hunt down Nucky.

Executions of the D’Alessio Brothers

After their capture by Nucky and his henchmen, the D’Alessio brothers are awaiting their death or release from the warehouse. When some of the brothers begin to talk down to Nucky the result is fatal.

Jimmy Darmody’s final scene

Standing face to face with Nucky Thompson, Jimmy Darmody talks through his final moments telling Nucky that the rivalry “couldn’t have ended any other way.” Rather than begging for his life, Jimmy recalls the first few times he killed a man and tells Nucky to calm himself before he pulls the trigger.


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