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Transporter Refuelled – In Cinemas September 4 – Father/Son Relationships in Film

28 August 2015

The upcoming Transporter Refuelled focuses as much on cars and speed chases as it does with the father and son relationship of Frank Martian (Ed Skrein) and Frank Martian Senior (Ray Stevenson). The relationship is put to the ultimate test when Frank Snr is kidnapped, with only his son to save him. The strength of their relationship has to be proven.

Whether fathers in film play a source of comfort, comedy or wisdom, they always add an important element to any film. To celebrate the release of The Transporter: Refuelled on September 4th, we take a look at significant father/son relationships in film...




Finding Nemo (2003)
This animation created by Disney and Pixar, tells the tale of two clown fish, Marlin and Nemo who are father and son that become separated when a diver snatches Nemo. Marlin begins to search the ever expanding ocean, desperately seeking help from every fish he passes. When he meets Dory blue reef fish, Marlin thinks he has found the perfect accomplice. However, he learns Dory has short term memory, preventing her from being much help. Despite this, the pair search the ocean, facing dangerous obstacles and animals, as well as unexpected tribulations.




Life is Beautiful (1997)
Life is Beautiful is about the tragic, but beautiful relationship of a father and son, who are brought to a Nazi concentration camp where they become separated from their wife/mother. The Italian film captures the heart break reality of life during the Second World War, but also the extent a father will go to to keep his son safe. Once in the concentration camp father, Guido, convinces his son, Giosue, that where they are is a game, and in order to survive he must play. The element of fun and imagination that he introduces contrasts the brutality of their situation, whilst preventing the son from understanding the severity of the situation.




Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)
Separated from his family after being forced into a divorce from his wife, Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) uses his creativity, and flair for accents, to devise a way to stay in contact with his children. With the help of his brother, Daniel designs a disguise for himself as an older woman, whose identity he uses to apply for the role of nanny for his children. Mrs Doubtfire is created, and serves Daniel as an alter ego, allowing him to become the ideal help his wife always longed for, as well as a fun career for the children. However his secret does not remain that for long …




The Impossible (2012)
Based on a true story from the 2004 tsunami, a close knit family are on holiday in Thailand at the time of the disaster. Hit and separated by the wave the family is torn apart, leaving the father Henry (Ewan McGregor) with two of his youngest sons Thomas and Simon; whilst his wife Maria (Naomi Watts) is stranded with their oldest child Lucas. This heart-breaking, and simultaneously heart-warming story captures the tragedy, but also the strength of the family and their ability to find one another. Their bond with one another is the only thing keeping them going.




Elf (2003)
Buddy (Will Ferrell), a human who is brought up by elves, goes on an adventure to find his birth father. Travelling to New York, Buddy experiences human culture and the delights of the city for the first time. Out of place because of his elfish ways, Buddy is very different to his dad Walter Hobbs. This hilarious comedy captures a blossoming father and son relationship, and how they must overcome each other’s differences to save Santa and help him deliver presents in time for Christmas.




The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
Based on a true story, Chris Gardner (Will Smith) plays a father struggling to take care of himself and his son Christopher. Unable to sell medical devices he once invested in, as a result Gardner faces the struggles of being homeless with a young child. Forced to change his career path, he decides to become a stockbroker, and has to work for free for six months to be possibly concerned for a role in the company. The film depicts the strength of the father and son, and the trust they have to place with one another to survive.




About Time (2013)
Tim Lake (Domhall Gleeson) is introduced to the concept of time traveling by his father (Bill Nighy), who explains to him it is a family tradition that has been passed down from father to son. Although unable to change history, Tim has to ability to change what has happened and what will happen in his own life. Despite sounding like a blessing, it also becomes a curse in disguise, as fixing things can often come with consequences. Tim must rely on his father to guide him and teach him the art of time travel.




The Birdcage (1996)
Val’s father (Robin Williams) is a homosexual cabaret nightclub owner, whose partner Albert is one of the performers. Living in a decadent apartment above the club, the couple’s youngest son gets engaged. Although it should be a joyous occasion, Val’s fiancés family are conservative diplomats, unfamiliar with the liberal mind-set of Albert and his partner. This comedy follows Val’s attempt to create a ‘normal’ family, but soon realises that normality might not be realistic, and that actually accepting the sexuality of his parents, and encouraging his fiancées family to do the same might be the best solution.



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