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TriCoast Worldwide Present The Trailer, Poster And Photo Set Ahead Of The Digital And On Demand Release Of COURTNEY GETS POSSESSED

18 October 2023

A bumbling wedding party must battle the forces of hell when a bride becomes possessed by the Devil (her ex-boyfriend) the night before her wedding.

It’s the ultimate showdown between love and the underworld when bride-to-be Courtney runs into a bit of an ex problem: her old flame is none other than the Devil himself, and she knows he’s close.

With her nuptials on the line and the Prince of Darkness lurking close by, Courtney does her best to protect her childhood home on the eve of the wedding. But when her ne’er-do-well sister accidentally invites Satan inside (known more casually as Dave), he possesses Courtney - throwing a demonic wrench into her happily-ever-after plans.



Courtney’s ragtag team of reluctant heroes including her sister, perfectionist best friend, and skeptical future sister-in-law must find a way to exorcise Dave, reclaim Courtney’s soul, and get her down the aisle with as little bloodshed as possible.

“In Sickness and in Hell” takes on a whole new meaning in this diabolically fun and thrilling romp. Audiences will be left pondering the line between love and possession and what it means to give ourselves to others. Will Courtney’s wedding bells ring or will they be drowned out by the screams of the damned?

COURTNEY GETS POSSESSED is written and directed by Jono Mitchell and Madison Hatfield. Produced by Hatfield and Jordan Blair Brown. Executive Produced by Stephen Beehler, Jegor Jersov, and Jono Mitchell. Cinematography by Brett A. Frager. Composed by Jordan Bennett. A Peach Jam Pictures production.



Genre: Horror, Comedy
RT: 86 min | Not Yet Rated
Language: English | U.S.

Written and Directed by: Jono Mitchell and Madison Hatfield

Starring: Lauren Buglioli, Madison Hatfield, Jonathon Pawlowski, Najah Bradley,
Zae Jordan, Aditi George, and Steven Reddington



Courtney Gets Possessed Film Page


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