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True Story – In Cinemas Friday – Actor Transformations

15 July 2015

Jonah Hill plays Michael Finkel, a recently terminated New York Times journalist who’s struggling for work after a story gone wrong. One day, he receives a phone call from a man regarding an FBI Most Wanted individual named Christian Longo, who’s been captured and claimed to be living as Finkel. Longo and Finkel meet and form a potentially marriage shattering bond while Longo is in prison awaiting his trial. Finkel exchanges journalism tips for the real events behind Longo’s alleged heinous acts of murdering his family. Through the twists and turns in the movie, only at the end will Finkel uncover the True Story.

With the upcoming release of True Story we are taking a look at actors who have transformed themselves physically and mentally to commit to a role. James Franco plays murder Christian Longo, and appears very different to previous roles. Admittedly a more serious storyline than what we are more used to seeing him in, he convincingly transforms himself into a killer. True Story is out this Friday July 17th.



Charlize Theron as Aileen Wuornos in Monster (2003)
Based on the true story of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, Charlize’s transformation was perhaps one of the most memorable and shocking of all time. Famed for killing six men after being raped, the story of Aileen was one of a kind. And similarly so was Theron’s performance. Winning an Oscar for Best Actress, Theron’s award came at no easy feat. Gaining 30 pounds, shaving off her eyebrows, and burning the ends of her hair, Theron had to have a total remake to play the creepy murderer. 



Jared Leto as Mark Chapman in Chapter 27 (2007)
Desperately obsessed with his idol John Lennon, Mark Chapman (Jared Leto) goes to New York in the 1980s to meet him. The biographical film depicts the assassination of Lennon, by Mark after his infatuation turns into a desire to kill him. Leto’s transformation meant he had to gain 67 pounds, which later caused health issues. Although his physical transformation was vital to the role, the mentality he captures and portrays was just as vital to allow him to play a creepy character.



Christian Bale as Trevor Reznik in The Machinist (2004)
Factory worker Trevor Reznik suffers the consequences of a severe lack of sleep, and faces the difficulties as a result. As a result of extreme insomnia Reznik begins to lose rapid amounts of weight, and his mental health begins to disintegrate. After accidentally severely harming a co-worker, Reznik’s troubles become more profound, affecting him in every aspect of life. Bales transformation was one of his most shocking, as he has developed a reputation for his method acting. His skeletal role came as a result of losing 60 pounds.



Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers in Black Swan (2010)
Portman’s haunting role as ballerina for the New York Ballet Company production of ‘Swan Lake’ sees a prominent physical transformation in her. Struggling with her own internal tribulations, as well as those from people pushing her to be the best, Nina begins to develop a dark side to help her enter the depths of her role as the Swan Princess. Portman lost a substantial amount of weight for the role, causing her to appear hallowed and drained.



Melissa Leo as Holly Jones in Prisoners (2013)
When two young girl go missing their abduction generates little immediate police interrogation, leaving it father Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman). Desperate to ensure the safety of his child, Dover proves a parent will stop at no lengths to ensure their welfare. Melissa plays the unsuspecting villain, an older woman looking after her mentally disabled son. Melissa’s transformation makes her appeared significantly older, as she went through rigorous make up routines every day. Wearing a wig, prosthetics to give her the appearance of withered skin, and fat suit to give the impression of different body shape to her own. 



Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight (2008)
Transforming into the ultimate psychopathic and mass murderer, Ledger’s physical and mental transformation for the role of The Joker made him appear very creepy. Characteristically having an uneven smile (applied with make-up), dyed green hair and plenty of facial scars, Ledger was left looking unrecognisable.

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