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Twilight siren Anna Kendrick won’t direct

16 November 2011

Sexy Twilight Saga star Anna Kendrick who also has 50/50 out later this month has revealed she has no intention to step behind the camera because directors always seem in agony.

The Oscar nominated screen siren is irritated by the shortage of good scripts for women, however she won't be tempted to direct, she said "There is just a criminal lack of good scripts full stop! Do I want to direct? Not really. Directors constantly seem to be in agony.

There seems to be significant weight loss or gain, or the greying of hair. I mean, you have to be stupid to be an actor, but you have to be really stupid to be a director!"

While she's appreciative of her time with the vampire franchise, she adds she's glad she will not be always be tied with it because she played a human character adding "I definitely came away from that unscathed. I mean, some people in 'Twilight' will only be thought of by a specific group of people as so-and-so vampire, and when it comes to me, people who are fans of the series generally think, 'Oh, she did an OK job, she's alright by me.'

But I don't think I will forever be that particular girl for them and I think that's because I play a human being. It's easier for people to accept me as other people."

Kendrick is currently filming Jason Moore's Pitch Perfect as Beca alongside Brittany Snow and will next be seen in Lionsgate's What to Expect When You're Expecting on May 18 and then in the epic finale to The Twilight Saga when Breaking Dawn - Part 2 arrives in cinemas next November.

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