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Vin Diesel shares Riddick importance to him

07 September 2013

He can currently be seen as the titular anti-hero in David Twohy's Riddick and action hero Vin Diesel said that it is a true passion project for him.

The film sees Diesel back as the intergalactic bounty hunter for the first time in almost a decade in a film that sees the character fighting for survival against alien predators and talking to Flicks and Bits, Diesel said "It's a character that has always been close to me. It's a character that was my first big character in Hollywood, I think the character is interesting and so dynamic, and the idea of playing a quintessential anti-hero is something I really like.

Most importantly about this project is that it was listening to an audience that said, 'We want the next chapter'. A lot of them said that they wanted it Rated-R, a lot of them said they didn't care what the rating was they just wanted to see the character back.

Ironically, by making it Rated-R we didn't have to spend $200m (£128.45m) to make the movie, which led us to being able to pull it off. So, the short answer was that I made it because the request for it was really loud and clear."

Diesel reportedly put his house up as collateral to get Riddick made and returns to cinemas as Dominic Toretto with James Wan's Fast & Furious 7 which is due to arrive next July.

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