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Vin Diesel To Star In Action Thriller From Writers Of Unknown

13 July 2011

Vin Diesel has always been one of those actors who somehow continues to find work without ever really producing anything terrific as a result, sure there was the first and original Fast And Furious, and maybe even the original xXx, but since then hes gone to make...well thats just It, im not really sure, theres definately an awful family comedy in there somewhere, The Pacifier perhaps, but that could have been Dwayne Johnson for all we know (I just did some research, it was Diesel).

However if you like brainless action thriller films, Diesel is the  go to man in Hollywood. The writers of Unknown, the Liam Neeson starring, identiy crisis action film, Oliver Butcher and Simon Cornwell have reportdely pitched a new idea to Diesel. Unknown was ok, it was clearly an attempt to recreate the success of Taken, but didnt quite live up to it.

Diesel is about to start shooting the third in the Riddick franchise in september at somepoint, as well as (suprise , suprise) Fast And Furious 6 being mooted about, you'd think being fast and furious for so long would take its toll on you, give it a few more years and we'll be seeing Slow And Knackered.

He also has another family comedy along the way called The Machine about a secret government cyborg who befriends a young boy, no doubt the boy will initially need some new underwear before being best buds with the cyborg, I wonder if he'll help him defeat some bullies??