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Viral Success for Mads Mikkelsen and BoConcept Continues

15 April 2015

The collaboration between Mads Mikkelsen and BoConcept has once again taken the world by storm. The latest sensation, the fun and light-hearted short film The Guest, was released on March 19th and has already now seen more than 1.2 million times on YouTube.

Award-winning Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and Danish furniture retailer BoConcept teamed up with some of the best people from the Danish film industry to create two short films; The Call and The Guest. Both films have hit the spot with the viral crowd with more than 2.5 million views on YouTube combined.

Beautiful women? Never mind. In The Guest it’s the clever furniture details that seem to have become the new love of Mads Mikkelsen’s life. Watch Mads unfold his comedy talent when showing off extendable tables, convertible sofas and ‘secret’ storage to his old friend Dejan Cukic.

‘Mads Mikkelsen’s international appeal goes a long way, but we still had to find a unique way to communicate our clever furniture and reach as many viewers as possible in today’s crowded viral space. The Guest is just that! And the fact that the film has already hit more than 1 million views is a great success for us,’ says Helle Vangsgaard, Head of Brand & Concept at BoConcept.

Mads Mikkelsen is at the peak of his career, and world-wide known for his roles as Le Chiffre in the James Bond movie Casino Royale, in the TV series Hannibal and in his latest film The Salvation.

And now also in the viral success films The Call and The Guest produced by BoConcept.

‘It was great to join up with Dejan. We go way back, so it was easy to play two good friends who seem to have this implied understanding although it appears that we now have different interests – and obviously my interests are now a bit more grown up than Dejans’,’ says Mads Mikkelsen with reference to what happens in The Guest.

Win an interior makeover worth £7,500!

The films are followed up by a competition to win BoConcept’s personal interior design service along with furniture to the value of £7,500.

Watch The Guest below:

Watch The Call Below:

Sign up at BoConcept.

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