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War on Everyone – In Cinemas TOMORROW – From Drinking Buddies to James Bond to The Hangover: The Booziest Films

06 October 2016

Booze always seems to make everything better. At least this is the case with some of the best films in our eyes. Booze make the impossible, possible, the geeks become popular, friendships are formed and deep love connections are created.

And if this isn’t actually the case, these boozy movies teach us the unrealistic expectations which a boozy blurred perspective always creates. While there are countless boozy films that have been created throughout cinematic history, there are few that have solidified their spot on actually being the top boozy movies.

In honour of the upcoming release of the booze fest comedy, War on Everyone, here are (arguably) the top booziest films...




War On Everyone
Drugs? Check. Alcohol? Yes. A whole lot of swearing and violence? Of course. Obviously, if you were expecting a different list of variables making up War on Everyone’s storyline, then perhaps the film will not meet your expectations. However, for those who are anticipating a corrupted, make-your-own-rules, cop-buddy film, then prepare to be pleasantly entertained. Alexander Skarsgard’s portrayal of Officer Terry imparts the wisdom to always start your day off in the right fashion: drinking a beer. Add in Officers Bob and Terry sharing cocaine with a suspect and it is no wonder how the film breached this most coveted list. With the entire film set in the comedic, boozy induced blur, War on Everyone is likely to remain a favourite with the booziest appreciators around.




Drinking Buddies
A movie centred on beer appreciation and comradery is bound to make the list of booziest films. Contrary to most of its counterparts that are found here, this indie-ish conversational humour is less blatantly laugh out loud, fall on your ass funny, but more about the deeper bonds that are created through alcohol. As the mundane, antihero protagonists, Kate and Luke develop and explore their relationships, beer is always the constant that can bond or divide the individuals. Despite Drinking Buddies lacking the comedic drive the other films have, it is one that makes you realize the power and friendships a nicely crafted beer can create.




A timeless story of defending a family’s honour through the noble act of chugging copious amounts of beer. Combine the secrecy of fight club with the drinking nature of Oktoberfest, and the boozy plotline of Beerfest is summed up rather nicely. While this film seems to be just constant drinking scenes expanding across almost two hours, it also teaches much needed life lessons. Boozy lesson one: viewers leave with invaluable knowledge of turning the beer boot at the perfect moment to allow for continuous beer flow without air bubble disruption. Boozy lesson two through four: practical uses of the Trojan Horse model, “Eye of the Jew” and when in doubt of a team members death, have a backup spare twin handy enough to take your fallen partners place. If you are at all confused, no need to worry! All lessons are completely understandable once you have your own set of beer goggles on while watching.




James Bond
Arguably, the most iconic drink of all time, (a martini, shaken not stirred), was created through the James Bond franchise, so of course the films had to make this boozy list. However, as Daniel Craig has successfully transitioned into his era of Bond films, it has become undeniable to notice the amount of alcohol has increased. While 007 has always been known for his charming flirtations and drink in hand, Daniel Craig has raised the ante in consumption with over twenty boozy drinks per film. In comparison to his predecessors, who ranged from four and a half to twelve drinks per film, it’s difficult to say if Craig’s Bond either has an incredible tolerance or is saving the world while utterly smashed.




The Hangover
Besides the completely obvious consequential title, The Hangover conveys the chaotic adventures and fun that can be had with alcohol and drugs! Whether it be losing a best friend, finding a tiger in the bathroom and a baby in the closet, stealing a cop car, or getting married, anything is possible with four best friends, many drinks, and a free weekend. As Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug mature, their adventures evolve as well, taking the hilarious foursome from Las Vegas to Bangkok to Tijuana during the trilogy. But don’t worry, the importance of a boozy night of fun is never lost. Despite being the cause of constant stress for the men, alcohol bonds them and results in the creation of the Wolfpack, which is just something that can never be regretted—regardless of the awful hangover that always manages to follow them.

Boozes makes films more interesting. Whether the liquor comes from the film itself or the audience, in either case, a nice booze filled cinema is always going to result in an entertaining night. Though they may be the cause of regrettable actions, being quite boozy creates for an eventual great laugh and story. However, if your own liver is not strong enough to compete with these big kids on the booziest film scene, not to worry, observing drunken fun is just as enjoyable as participating.

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