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Watch the new 15 Seconds TV Spot for Hot Tub Time Machine 2

17 February 2015

The latest TV Spot for Hot Tub Time Machine 2 sees Rob Coddry and Craig Robinson taking a dip in time with original cast member Clark Duke.
The boys are back but this time falling forwards into the future on a mission to stop an assassin from the changing the course of humanity.??Along the way, they have to realign history from facing a strange alternate reality and come to grips with what the future holds.

The trailer features a lot of high-pitched screaming, some dancing, a few crazy shirts and what looks like a swirling vortex of doom.

The sequel features Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) joining the main cast as a replacement for John Cusack.??Chevy Chase will also appear alongside Community cast mate Gillian Jacobs in the Paramount Pictures movie.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 hits cinemas April 10 in the UK.

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