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We talk to Conviction’s real life Betty Anne Waters about her incredible journey from housewife to lawyer

10 January 2011

It was my great honour to be able to talk to Betty Anne Waters, the incredible woman whose true story to save her brother from a life without parole prison sentence, has now been turned into the powerful film Conviction.

Housewife Betty Anne spent 13 years going back to school and then training to become a lawyer in order to fight for her brother Kenny Water's freedom after he was convicted for a murder he did not commit and for which he spent 18 years in prison for.

Here we talk to Betty Anne about her and Kenny's struggle, how it feels to have Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell portray their story and how the film came about...



Let's start at the beginning: What were your first reactions after Kenny was arrested, an unbelievable two years after the murder and did you have faith in the justice system at the time?

Actually it was two and a half years later that he was arrested, I could not believe he'd been arrested as he had already been cleared two and a half years before, he wasn't even a suspect really, it was because he had a police record and lived close to the victim, it wasn't like he had a connection to the crime, it was just a routine thing, they checked out his alibi fully and then two and a half years later of course I was surprised. I did have faith in the justice system because I thought only guilty people are in prison and I think differently now, and for years I thought I was alone in thinking that, my brothers in jail, and people look at me like "Sure he's innocent, he's in jail" and now I know over 270 people in the US have been exonerated through DNA evidence.




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