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We Want to Continue to Deliver Great Content to YOU: Please Support The Fan Carpet’s Server Emergency Campaign at CrowdPatch

09 November 2019

Since 2004, The Fan Carpet has grown from strength to strength, starting from humble beginnings with our Fansite Network with the TFC FN to bringing you amazing interviews, reviews etc. to the TFC Network and the latest venture of TFCP ( TFC Production), there are four facets of the company, and whilst we have always prided ourselves on being a grass roots company, there comes a point where even we have to ask for help.

Under the leadership of Marc Jason Ali and Jessica Alken-Theasby, we have come to the point where we have had to embrace Crowd Funding to continue to deliver you the awesome content that you have come to love and expect from The Fan Carpet.

Through our partnership with CrowdPatch, we have started a Crowd Funding Campaign to save our server that houses over 50 kick ass websites from going dark.

Whatever you can do to help is greatly appreciated and you will forever be known as a hero (or heroine) around these parts.

Our aim is to continue to deliver awesome content across ALL facets of our company. Thank you for your continued support of The Fan Carpet.


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