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West London’s Independent Cinema Riverside Studios Opens On February 7 With A Captivating + Diverse International Film Programme

24 January 2020

West London’s newest independent cinema Riverside Studios opens on 7 February with a captivating and diverse international film programme

London’s historic and much-loved Riverside Studios cinema will reopen on 7 February as a multi-studio film complex, located in the brand-new, state of the art building that looks out over the River Thames and Hammersmith Bridge.

The inaugural cinema season opens with the Golden Globe-winning and Academy Award-nominated class war thriller Parasite, and the hypnotic, atmospheric mystery The Lighthouse. Riverside Studios cinema programme is curated by Jason Wood, Creative Director of Film & Culture at HOME in Manchester, a highly respected and experienced figure in the cinema world.

The new Riverside Studios takes in the original site of the building but also takes in the old site of Queens Wharf providing hugely improved public facilities with a range of restaurants and bars looking out on the river. Screen One with 208 seats emulates the old Riverside Studios cinema, keeping its much-loved steep rake with great views of the screen, but incorporating this with incredible Dolby 7.1 surround sound, sharp 4K resolution projection, and extremely comfortable Figueras seating. Screen Two with 46 seats is a delightful small screening room. Both screens will be open to the public every evening of the week and most days will run two films in each space. They will also be available during the day for arts, corporate and conference events.  Riverside is set to host a programme packed with an array of award-winning and nominated feature films, transporting audiences beyond general release blockbusters.



Wood says "I grew up watching films at Riverside Studios and, under the programming of Ed Lewis, I enjoyed a true cinema education. The ethos of Riverside always impressed me - a broad range of culture that was accessible to the local community. I aim to continue this philosophy and Parasite is the perfect way to begin. The winner of the Palm d’Or, and numerous other international awards, it has also proved a commercial success.  As director Bong Joon-ho reminds us subtitles should be no barrier to the enjoyment of a film. Welcome to Riverside…"



The season continues with a delightful reimagining of Jane Austen’s beloved comedy Emma (showing from 14th February onwards). Intelligent, wealthy and beautiful, Emma Woodhouse occupies herself with (often misguided) matchmaking and meddling in her friends and family’s lives with the best possible intentions. Our heroine embarks on a romantic adventure, full of mishaps, only to discover that love has been there all along.

Merging science fiction and horror in an unnerving fashion, Little Joe tells the story of dedicated plant breeder, Alice, who has engineered a  special crimson flower that, if kept at the ideal temperature, fed properly and spoken to regularly, positively impacts makes its owner. Against all the rules, Alice takes one home as a gift for her teenage son, and it quickly becomes clear that this is no ordinary plant; its impact on humanity is terrifyingly powerful. Eerie and chilling, this is subtle horror at its finest and can be viewed at Riverside Studios from 21st February.

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire, winner of The Cannes Queer Palm Award 2019, the visually stunning masterpiece from Céline Sciamma (showing from 28th February), transports audiences to the fairy tale-like clifftops of eighteenth century France.  Tracing the forbidden love between painter Marianne and her subject Héloïse a headstrong young woman betrothed to a wealthy nobleman - this is a beautiful, period piece told with a distinctly modern queer feminist energy.

Riverside’s Artistic Director, William Burdett-Coutts says ‘Riverside Studios promises to be one of the most exciting new buildings in London and after a lengthy re build we can’t wait to welcome and audience to breathe life into it. The cinemas are a vital part of the mix of this unique complex where film sits alongside theatrical performance, exhibitions and television. We are delighted to have Jason Wood on board curating the film programme. His knowledge of film is unparalleled, whilst his knowledge of our past is crucial in building our future.  Our aim is to make Riverside Studios a building of distinction with an independent character that is completely accessible. Most of all we are here for our audience appealing both to our local community but also to cinema goers from around London. We are a building where you can have a good night out with a meal and a show.’

About Riverside Studios
Riverside Studios is run by the Riverside Trust, a charitable entity. The organisation is not publicly funded and operates on a model that uses commercial revenue to support its charitable objectives, which include not only making the arts accessible, but also to embark on education and community-based work.

In addition to the performance spaces and studios, Riverside also has office space it is leasing to support the running of the building, and a private functions and event room for those wishing to celebrate a special occasion in the heart of one of London’s most loved arts spaces. 

While looking to the future, Riverside Studios is deeply aware of its roots and, with support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Riverside’s archive will be conserved and made available to the public.  A purpose-built archive store will house our collection, which will be accessible through digitisation and a programme of community events.

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