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MOVIE + SNACKS + DRINKS: Remember The Things You Have Planned – What Are Important Things To Remember For Movie Night?

15 January 2022

First things first, it’s movie night! Remembering the things you have planned to do is an important first little note. I know most people wouldn’t forget a planned event, but it can happen sometimes when people are really busy.

Or, just hangouts in general. Sometimes important things can slip our minds and it can end with fights or hurt feelings. It can just make people feel like they weren’t important enough to be remembered.

However, that is a small sidetrack. Let’s set the stage. Lights, camera, action! All eyes are on you! You invited your friends over to watch a movie. However, you aren’t entirely sure how to set everything up!

What should you make? How should you set the room up? Is there enough space?? And oh dear! It’s all just so overwhelming you might begin regretting it's not just a regular lazy Sunday that you could play gambling online curled up in your blankets with a nice cup of hot cocoa.

However, your friends mean the world to you, and you all have been looking forward to this for a long time. The important thing to remember is that they are your friends! Don’t feel too stressed about it, as long as there is a movie, you all are going to enjoy the company.

That being said, it is understandable why you might be stressing out about it. And so, it's important to break down everything you want to get ready into a list. This will keep you organized and focused so you don’t jump from task to task completing nothing.




Before you can have a movie night, you need to pick a movie! Now, I’m sure you all decided together what movie you want to watch, but sometimes it can work where they have one person pick a movie and everyone else is surprised.

This person might be one of your friends, so you might not have to worry about it, but it could also be you since you are the one hosting. In this case, you need to try and pick a movie everyone will enjoy.

Think about what kinds of things your friends are into. Would everyone enjoy a fast-paced action movie, or would they prefer something slower and more dialogue-based?

Perhaps you and your friends are all adrenaline junkies and would like a good horror movie! Then you would know to pick something from that genre, or something maybe more thrilling even if not being outright horror.

Simply think about who your friend group is, and pick a movie based on what their tastes are. Just be sure to keep everyone in mind. Even if most people like horror movies, if there is one person who is squeamish, it might be best to choose something not too violent.

You want everyone to enjoy, so it would be a shame if you had everyone enjoy themselves but have someone left out because of their preferences. And, at the end of the day, you can always push the movie picking job onto someone else. You are hosting after all.




No get together is complete without food. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but everyone loves some good snacks. Whether it be store bought pretzels, chips, candies, and assorted other junk foods, or homemade delicacies, people will appreciate some food.

Again, here is another example of keeping people’s tastes and preferences in mind. If you have a friend with allergies try to accommodate as best you can. Or, if you have a vegetarian or vegan friend, it would be nice to accommodate them as well.

Here too you could always do a kind of potluck style banquet. Just have everyone bring something and then everyone will have something they will enjoy. Even if it is just whatever they brought.

This also means everyone gets to be surprised and enjoy the things someone else might bring. You can buy all the tasty snacks in the grocery store, but there is something nice about not entirely knowing what’s going to be and then being pleasantly surprised.




Another important thing to keep in mind is drinks. Even if not everyone wants to munch down on some snacks, I can guarantee that almost everyone will want something to drink. Even if that is just water.

Now, what should you bring to drink? I think for starters there should always be water. Sometimes people are just simply thirsty, and water to rehydrate themselves. But, if we are talking drinks for flavor, that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Whether you like store bought drinks, or you make your own, you should have some different options for different people. Some people might prefer more fruity drinks, others maybe something closer to cola or Root Beer.

And, if you want to make your own drinks, you can check out some of the best non alcoholic soft drinks for parties. If you want alcohol as well, you can go for it, just make sure everyone is legal and nobody goes wild.

The last thing you would want would be someone drinking a little too much and ruining the evening for other people. So, just remember it's about you and your friends, and make sure everyone has a good time!

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