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WHAT THE DICKENS! : Disney’s A Christmas Carol reclaims the Number 1 Spot after 6 weeks in Cinemas

15 December 2009

Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ has brought festive cheer to this weekend’s UK box office charts by reclaiming the number one spot, despite being in its 6th week of release.  Taking an impressive £1.5 million over the weekend - bringing the film’s box office cume to just over £16 million - ‘A Christmas Carol’ continues to wow cinema audiences, with its visually stunning effects and roller-coaster thrill rides.

With Christmas fast approaching, UK audiences are increasingly getting into the festive spirit, and flocking to see Robert Zemeckis’s fabulous interpretation of Dickens’s classic seasonal tale, making it conclusively the number 1 choice of film over other big movies, including ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ and ‘Paranormal Activity’.  In its 6 week, audiences opted to see ‘A Christmas Carol’, in place of the weekend’s opening film ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, taking DOUBLE the box of the Spike Jonze-directed movie.

With 3D and IMAX continuing to rein in audiences keen to experience the soaring camera work and atmospheric vistas, ‘A Christmas Carol’ has taken back the top crown, dropping only 8% on 3D screens, 7% on 2D screens and 5% on IMAX, this weekend.  By comparison, other big releases plummeted over the same period: ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ dropped 53% and ‘Paranormal Activity’ dropped 58%.

Released in 2D, 3D and IMAX cinemas across the country on November 6th, Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ has been described as a “splendidly mounted and visually imaginative animated 3D version of the classic novel” by The Evening Standard.  With 3D screens taking the lion’s-share of the box office and following hot on the heels of the success of Disney/Pixar’s Up, Disney has proved itself to be a pioneering force in the continuing innovation and development of 3D technology.

The film has received both box office and critical success with The Independent commenting  that it “scores high on swooping visuals and meticulous draughtsmanship…The camerawork is superb, whether soaring over the vertiginous rooftops of Victorian London during Scrooge's long night of the soul or else focusing upon the wobbling candleflame at which poor Cratchit tries to warm his fingers.”

The Daily Mirror says “A fabulously good-looking take on Charles Dickens’ much loved Yuletide tale.  Using the same performance capture method used to such winning effect in Beowulf and The Polar Express, it’s a near perfect blend of looks and heart.” 

The Sunday Express describes the film as having “glorious, swooping vistas of snow-covered Dickensian London…helter-skelter pursuits through menacing alleyways and 3D snowfalls that appear to land right in your lap…The result is an atmospheric, action-packed character study, which uses technology to great effect in reinvigorating a classic.”

And finally The Independent on Sunday comments on the visual effects and 3D, describing the film as a “perfect pairing of kaleidoscopic story and cutting-edge visuals, A Christmas Carol has several swooping flights over a snow-dusted Victorian London which are all the more marvellous in 3D.”

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Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ is on general release, certificate PG (contains mild threat, scary scenes and mild language)