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WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Fans Watch New Showcase Cinemas Release GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE Alongside TV Star Keith Lemon

17 November 2021


A lucky group of movie fans got to attend one of the UK’s first advance screenings of Ghostbusters: Afterlife at a special Showcase Cinemas event alongside telly icon Keith Lemon, on Sunday.

The colourful comedian, a self-confessed film-buff and huge Ghostbusters fan, gave a personal introduction to the highly anticipated blockbuster before putting his feet up and enjoying the show with the guests.

Keith arrived at the cinema dressed in a replica of the iconic Ghostbusters boiler suit, complete with accessory belt. He was joined by a host of lucky VIPs, including members of Showcase’s free to join Insider loyalty program, which offers discounted admission and 10% rewards on every single purchase made at the cinema.

The audience were enthralled by the movie, which sees a single mum and her two children discover that they have a connection to the original Ghostbusters, and their grandfather's secret legacy.

The special showing at Showcase Cinema de Lux Bluewater was the UK’s only public screening of Ghostbusters: Afterlife ahead of its official release exclusively at cinemas across the country later this week.



Keith Lemon said “The original Ghostbusters is an all-time classic and one of the films that I remember loving as a kid growing up.

“I was dead excited for the next instalment, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, to come out, and I wasn’t disappointed. The movie was brilliant - and getting to watch it from a huge leather reclining seat on the massive XPlus screen was amazing!

“The experience was made even more betterer by the fact that I got to enjoy it alongside a group of fellow film buffs.”

Audience member, David Rotherham said after the screening “It was an absolute love letter to the Ghostbusters fans. I think the 30-year wait was worth it and it took us on a crazy nostalgic trip of good times. I’d rate it a solid 11 out of 10.”



And fellow Ghostbusters fan Chris Beldock said “I was very overwhelmed by it. I think going into a sequel you might feel it’s not going to match up or it can be disingenuous, but I think because it’s made by the son of the original Director, everything about it felt extremely genuine and heartfelt.

Honestly, I was not prepared for how funny and heart-warming this film was going to be, and I can’t wait to come back on Thursday and watch it again with my family. There is an extra depth to it that I was not prepared for.”

Mark Barlow, UK General Manager for Showcase Cinemas said “We are delighted to have brought this exclusive screening to Showcase, meaning that guests were be able to enjoy the big screen alongside our friend Keith Lemon.

Ghostbusters is one of the most iconic film franchises out there, so to do something special for the latest release felt fitting, and what better way to celebrate than having Keith give a special in-person introduction to the movie and then watch it alongside you?”



Ghostbusters: Afterlife is released on Thursday November 18th, with tickets available now.

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