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Will Smith wanted for Fantastic Voyage

20 August 2011

Will Smith who will return to the big screen with the long awaited threequel in the Men in Black franchise is currently being pursued to star in sci-fi remake Fantastic Voyage from director Shaun Levy and producer James Cameron.

Fantastic Voyage will also be produced by Jon Landau through Lightstorm Entertainment and revolves around a team of scientists who are shrunk in order to pilot a tiny submarine inside a sick scientist's body.

Smith is no stranger to big budget sci-fi fare after staring in the likes of Independence Day and i, Robot however if he declines to star in Fantastic Voyage it would mean Fox may need to find a new director as Shaun Levy has stated he'd conceder leaving the project if Smith doesn't sign.

Hugh Jackman the star of Levy's upcoming Real Steel was once attached to the lead role, but with The Wolverine getting closer to being shot he's not attached anymore.

It is not yet known how interested the former Fresh Prince star is in Fantastic Voyage but we'll bring you more on this as it develops.

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