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Win Micky Flanagan’s hilarious Detour De France on DVD

24 November 2014

To celebrate the Blu-ray and DVD release of Micky Flanagan’s Detour De France, The Fan Carpet have teamed with Universal Pictures to give you the chance to win this hilarious series on DVD.

Micky Flanagan’s Detour De France, the hilarious Sky 1 hit series that sees Micky and his best mate embark on their personal version of ‘The Tour De France’, is released on Blu-ray and DVD on 24th November from Universal Pictures (UK).

The Blu-ray and DVD release featured an exclusive, unaired, laugh-out-loud fifth episode called ‘Fatal Inversion’ featuring all the best bits that they just couldn’t show on the telly. This is Micky Flanagan uncut, unleashed and with both barrels; the perfect gift for anyone with a funny bone this Christmas.

Micky thinks that he may be in love... with his bicycle. He’s not ready to commit just yet, so he’s hitting the road in his first ever TV documentary series with best friend of fifteen years; Noel Lynch.

Together the friends undertake the ultimate test of endurance as they cycle their very own version of The Tour... one that craftily includes vineyards, Belgian beers, Burgundy wines,... and nudist camps.  As they hit the road Micky and Noel examine those all (un)important questions such as are those narrow seats really any good for your fruit and nuts, and is lycra really necessary?

Get to know Micky Flanagan in a brand new way with the hilarious, heartfelt and energetic Micky Flanagan’s Detour De France.


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