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Winona Ryder needs a man because she can

18 November 2010

The Black Swan beauty has previously dated a string of Hollywood actors including Johnny Depp and Matt Damon, is suspicious of modern technology and admits she is in need of someone to teach her how to get to grips with the gadgets in her home.

She said: "I got this TV installed. It was HD something? It looked like a bad videotape, and I had to take it off. All this stuff and I'm pretty bad with that stuff. I gotta bring in some boys!"

While she needs a man to assist with her television, Winona could also use someone to educate her on the internet as she doesn't even own a computer, though she insists she is happy to keep away from the worldwide web as she thinks it is damaging to Hollywood.

She told the USA Today newspaper: "I don't have a computer. I don't go on the internet. I keep hearing that you can find out anything, which is kind of too bad. Now everyone knows the salaries and the budgets and the troubles. It does take the mystery out."

Winona also spoke about her new role in Darren Aronofsky's ballet thriller ‘Black Swan', admitting she could see parallels in the movie to her own life as her career stalled as she got older.

She explained: "I had this great run when I was a teen and in my 20s and then things got harder. That's why I kind of love the parallel in ‘Black Swan'. It's absurd that these girls have to retire so young. I think Darren saw the parallel. I just turned 39 the other day. And it's like wow, in a year I'll be 40."

Black Swan is due to hit UK Cinemas January 25th 2010.

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