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Wolverine pushed back

25 August 2011

X-sequel The Wolverine has hit problems, resulting in filming being pushed back from autumn 2011 to some time in early 2012.

One theory behind the filming delay is that it will allow the film’s star Hugh Jackman to begin work on Les Miserables, however there is still the big question of where the filming will take place.

The original plan was to shoot most of the movie in Japan, but with the recent earthquake disaster many of the planned locations have had to be compromised.

A compromise was made with filming to commence in Vancouver in November, but Jackman’s commitments have made these plans highly unlikely.

With Fox reportedly planning on pulling out of Japan all together (which would prove difficult for filming as the majority of the film is set there), this looks like another hurdle for the film after the planned director Darren Aronofsky pulled out.

But with James Mangold now at the helm, and with the success of the original Wolverine film and the recent success of X-Men I doubt Fox will be closing this project anytime soon.


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