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World’s First Major Exhibition Featuring Costumes from Netflix’s Acclaimed Series THE CROWN Delights Crowds at the Winterthur Museum

03 April 2019

Winterthur Museum and The Crown launched the world's first comprehensive costume exhibition this weekend to great fanfare.

'Costuming The Crown' features 40 costumes from Netflix's most acclaimed original series, winning 2 Golden Globes and 8 Emmy's with the highly-anticipated third season featuring Oscar-winning Olivia Colman premiering later this year.

Season 1 Designer Michele Clapton (Game of Thrones), Season 2 Designer Jane Petrie (Black Mirror) and producer Eve Swannell (Criminal) joined the team at Winterthur for the launch.



When asked how it feels to have her work part of the exhibition, Michele Clapton said “Extraordinary! From the start when I was first approached about the possibility of doing this I really wanted it to happen, I thought it was such an honour. Now seeing it all come together we are all super excited. It will be a lovely chance to look back at a project I adored designing with a great team, at the time it was a bit of a step into the unknown and here with some distance of time we can look at it all with fresh eyes. I’m so looking forward to it.”

Addressing the relationship with Winterthur, Jane Petrie added “I have felt only warmth. Kim and the team have treated the costumes with care and attention and their enthusiasm for the exhibition has been infectious and flattering. They’ve been so respectful of the work that it makes me slightly cringe when I think how brutal a day’s work on set can be to a costume. The costumes have all worked so hard prior to their delivery to Winterthur.”



Talking about her costumes, acclaimed Actress Claire Foy said “I love my costumes in the show because Elizabeth really has a uniform. When she gets into the 60s, she gets slightly confused and has a sort of crisis of identity. She starts experimenting with colour and shapes, and you see the formation of the Queen that we know now.

I always love wearing the wellingtons with the jacket and headscarf because I think that’s when she’s more happy, when she feels most like herself.

All the people making all the costumes have just been unbelievable. They were creating things that the Queen’s fashion designer Norman Hartnell had six months to make, and they were doing them in weeks. The costume team never do anything by half.”

Discussing Princess Margaret, Vanessa Kirby added “Margaret was the biggest fashion icon of the 50s and working with our costume designer Michele on Margaret was a complete privilege and joy every day.

Margaret really was at the forefront of leading the new look. She was so into fashion that she designed her own clothes, she travelled to Paris and Milan, and was really close with fashion designers. By the end, you really notice Margaret turning into Tony’s world.

She’s wearing bright colours, blues, oranges with headscarves and little 60s suits. We tried to go for items where you notice, slowly but surely, that she’s trying out new things. We really thought about how she would start doing her hair differently, trying new lip colours, bolder eyeliner then her hair suddenly transforms into these big beehives. By the end, her look changes from head to toe.”

For more visit the Winterthur Website or the Winterthur Instagram Page.

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