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Who Ya Gonna Call? PLAYMOBIL unveils Ghostbusters range at London Toy Fair 2017 as its first Entertainment Brand License

24 January 2017

New Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon range and Porsche Targa 4S complete the toy giant’s licensed offerings, alongside over 200 new original products

A top manufacturer in preschool toys, PLAYMOBIL makes a triumphant return to London Toy Fair, debuting its very first famous entertainment brand licenses, Ghostbusters and How to Train Your Dragon. The new licenses, set to delight both loyal and new fans, are joined by a whole host of new ranges showing the small world play the toy giant does best, including Police, Romans and Egyptians and Cruise Ship themes.




The range will feature much-loved characters, locations and sets from the iconic film out to “save the world in miniature!” They will have their own special area of the stand, so be sure to book a time early to see them in action! The toy line will bring the scenes to life in your own home, with sets including the famous Firehouse and Ecto-1 vehicle, plus a towering Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
Available: May

How To Train Your Dragon
An original DreamWorks PLAYMOBIL range will be flying in for a visit. The tale of a young Viking named Hiccup and his unlikely friendship with a dragon, adored by families worldwide, are available in toy form for little ones to play along at home, ahead of the release of 2019’s How to Train Your Dragon 3.
Available: August

The new PLAYMOBIL Police range will be a sure fire hit with budding little heroes, almost 40 years after the first Police sets launched in 1978 and became a firm favourite with children and parents alike. The new Police Headquarters with Prison has a fingerprint scanner, command centre and telephone system and secret breakthrough wall where wily criminals can escape if the police don’t have their wits about them.
Available: April




Romans and Egyptians
Brand new for 2017, the Romans and Egyptians range is on hand to help make learning fun and teach little ones about times gone by. The Pharaoh’s Pyramid has five chambers, each containing individual puzzles and traps, including secret switches, trap doors and revolving doors. The Roman Warrior’s Ship has a fire arrow artillery and powerful ram bow for little ones to do battle, and the boat can be upgraded with the Underwater Motor for even more fun at bathtime.
Available: February




Cruise Ship
Heading up PLAYMOBIL’s happy holiday fun coming to playrooms in 2017 is the Cruise Ship. The lower deck sections can be pulled out of the ship’s hull for guests to stroll around during their stay. They can have fun in the sun with the fillable pool with slide, restaurant area and bridge on the upper decks, with removable roof.
Available: April

City Airport
Aviation enthusiasts will love the new City Airport range, with the Airport with Control Tower and Passenger Plane among the sets on show. The accompanying Airport Fire Engine, Firefighting Operation with Water Pump and Firefighter Quad will do down well with fans of PLAYMOBIL’s popular Fire Brigade toys.
Available: May

With a new Porsche 911 Targa 4S, plus Summer Camp, Princess, Pony Farm and Forest Life ranges to add to the mix, there is sure to be something for everyone at the PLAYMOBIL stand.

Stand: Gallery 210



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