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Zac Efron is now beefed up and bald

13 January 2011

Now we know we're all prone to putting on a bit of weight, and possibly having a drastic haircut after a break up, but usually it's the girls digging into the ice cream on a Saturday night and bleaching their hair. Surprisingly, it's Zac Efron who's piled on the pounds since his split with Vanessa. Not only has Zac gained 18 lbs, but he's 'done a Britney' and actually shaved his head!

However, fear not Zac fans, the recent transformation is in fact not due to Zac's broken heart, but in fact his upcoming film role in The Lucky One. The  Nicholas Sparks' adaption see's Zac playing the role of a US Marine in the Iraq war, so it's not surprising he had to man up and leave his shaggy High School Musical hair behind him. He finished a ten week shoot before Christmas in New Orleans, and told E! Online: " I was just eating, eating and eating"- Yep, that'll do it!

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