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Zipangu Fest: Japanarchy in the UK

24 November 2010

Zipangu Fest has the perfect antidote to the icy weather - some rocking parties!

After a sold out screening of Nippon Year Zero last night at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, the festival properly kicks off today, and the opening party is a double bill of RackGaki and Pyuupiru 2001-2008 at Cafe 1001, with a selection of shorts screened between them, followed by a live set by DJ Tomoki Tamura + SUPERMETHOD.

On Thursday, following a screening of Live Tape at Cafe 1001, we are delighted to present Live Tape Star Kenta Maeno's Live Set! The performance, which will be Maeno's first ever in the UK, will see the Live Tape star Kenta Maeno accompanied by Yuki Yoshida on the niko (Chinese harp).

And if that wasn't enough, on Saturday we're having a house party! We'll be playing an eclectic mix of Japanese themes in pop, rock, folk, disco, house and techno from 3 of our favourite musical acts! DJ Adam Torel (big boss at Third Window Films) will be bringing his box of vinyl to spin some old Japanese pop, Live Tape star Kenta Maeno accompanied by Yuki Yoshida on the niko (Chinese harp) will play rock and folk (Maeno is known as the Bob Dylan of Japan, after all) and Holic's DJ Tomoki Tamura + Rhythm Factory's DJ SUPERMETHOD will take us into the morning with deep disco, tech house and techno. The party is at Designers Block in Hoxton and kicks off at 9pm. There will be some interesting stuff happening on the venue's upstairs screen too!

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