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Zoe Saldana set to produce and star in Dominion

28 August 2011

With the release of high octane action thriller Colombiana fast approaching, it has emerged that Zoe Saldana will turn producer for her upcoming project Dominion.

Not only that, the sought after and talented Avatar actress will also star in the supernatural thriller as a woman who is half-angel, half-human.

Not much else is known about the film, other than it is being set up at Paramount but presumably it'll be another ass kicking heroine to add to her impressive resumé.

Her net roles will see her taking things a little more gently, first up she'll got the recently completed The Words with Bradley Cooper where she stars as an author who steals someone else's work and that will be followed by the as yet unfilmed indie drama Infinitely Polar Bear with Mark Ruffalo produced by her Star Trek director JJ Abrams.

Saldana is certainly keeping busy while her Avatar and Star Trek directors work out the next instalments.

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