Alleycats. An independent action/thriller feature film; exploring the underground world of illegal bike racing in London. These races take place throughout the world and are called Alleycats.ALLEYCATS is the first feature film from acclaimed Director Ian Bonhote. It is a high-octane, action/thriller set in London against the backdrop of the cut-throat world of illegal bike racing.

When bike courier CHRIS stumbles across the brutal murder of a young woman whilst delivering a package, he finds himself in danger. Realising that the perpetrator of the crime, YATES, is a well-known Member of Parliament, Chris sets out to blackmail him. But when Chris takes part in an Alleycat Race, an illegal bike race through the city, he is knocked down and killed in a hit-and-run accident – the driver, RIVES, is Yates’ fixer. Chris has been silenced, but there was a witness…

His sister, and fellow racer, DANNI sees Chris get hit and refuses to believe it was a simple accident. Her forceful and impulsive nature aggravates the police, who are slow to investigate and increasingly untrustworthy. So Danni takes matters into her own hands, uncovering bribery and corruption within the courier community and further afield.

As she begins to piece the puzzle together, Danni joins forces with the murdered young woman’s father, REDMAN, and the unlikely pair threaten to uncover the sinister truth behind Chris’s death and the secret his murderers had hoped would die with him. As she becomes increasingly mixed up in a dangerous and violent world, and the body count rises, Danni must push herself to her mental and physical limits in order to find justice for her brother and come through this alive.



June 23, 2016


Ian Bonhôte


Anthea Anka, Ian Bonhôte, Max Kinnings (story by), Max Kinnings, Simon Uttley (writer)


Universal Pictures


Action, Thriller