Regina (Anna Paquin), her younger brother Paul, and parents Mark (Iain Glen) and Maria (Lena Olin), have just moved into a beautiful, old house in the country. They came in search of quiet and tranquility, but instead they unearthed a horrifying secret that has been deeply buried for many years. Their home quickly becomes anything but welcoming and comfortable; it seems to have a life of its own…especially after dark. As Regina begins to investigate her mysterious surroundings, she uncovers the truth about her family’s new address. Decades ago, it was the site of a ritual gone awry –one that would have spread evil to the ends of the world. Seven children were to be sacrificed, but one got away. Now, the force that has been brewing for so many years is aiming for a final sacrifice to complete its reckoning and travel beyond the walls of their home. No one is safe, and every time the lights go out, something terrifying comes out of the darkness. The family’s only chance for survival is to stop something that they can’t even see.

A chilling tale of mounting psychological and supernatural terror, DARKNESS explores the deeply imbedded human fear of all that cannot be seen. DARKNESS is directed by Juame Balaguero and stars Anna Paquin (“X-Men,” ” X-Men 2″), Lena Olin (“Chocolat,” TV’s “Alias”) Iain Glen (“Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” “Resident Evil: Apocalypse”) and Giancarlo Giannini (“Man on Fire,” “Hannibal”).



March 18, 2005


Jaume Balaguer


Jaume Balaguer


Buena Vista International


Horror, Mystery, Thriller




102 minutes