Lemmy. A labor of love by first time feature filmmakers Greg Olliver (a music video helmer) and Wes Orshoski (a photojournalist and former rock critic), is a surprisingly tender and warmhearted look at the rock legend that doesn’t follow traditional biopic guidelines. Instead of tracking down his family, his past relationships and (at its worst) failing to ask any really tough questions, the film is a slice-of-life look at Lemmy as he is today. The Motorhead frontman gives the directors pretty much full access to his life and what emerges is a side to the man that will be surprising to those who only know him as the badass-looking dude who can still snarl out “Ace Of Spades” and cut you down with a stare. Intercut with the personal, one-on-one bits, are numerous interviews with a who’s who of rock royalty including Dave Grohl, Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jones, Henry Rollins, Duff McKagan, Slash, Nikki Sixx and a ton of others we’re forgetting, who all share their experiences and thoughts about Lemmy and his influence



October 23, 2010


Greg Olliver & Wes Orshoski


Documentary, Music