Roger And Val Have Just Got In. Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2) and Dawn French (The Vicar of Dibley) star as the eponymous Roger and Val Stevenson, a middle aged married couple who we see during their first half hour after work once they walk through the front door. This touching, warm-hearted and bittersweet comedy examines the seemingly trivial domestic trials and tribulations faced by the couple, from finding a missing vacuum cleaner guarantee, to working out how to fit home-made lasagne into the already full fridge. Roger and Val explores the ‘fun in the mundanity’ of domestic life whilst also uncovering the complicated nature of relationships – by turns poignant, thought provoking and hilarious, you’ll be transfixed by the subtle developments and revelations as we follow them over several weeks of their life together.

Home for the Stevensons, on the surface at least, is a sanctuary of warmth, security with a bit of organised chaos thrown in. Dedicated botanist Roger is a principled man with a passion for tomato seedlings. His dedication to his job is matched only by his love for Val, a food technology teacher at the local comprehensive, who sees bringing her work home as a perk of the job. Together they talk about their days and the latest gossip from work, friends and family – often embarking on those funny little ‘in-joke’ routines that anyone who has ever been in a long term relationship will recognise.



August 06, 2010


Jamie Rafn


Emma Kilcoyne & Beth Kilcoyne


BBC Films / Lionsgate






176 minutes