Kent Weston, by his own admission, an ‘anal’ office employee, is demoted at his corporate job and replaced by a very human-looking robot.

This is unfortunate because not only is Kent’s new non-human co-worker a better worker, but it is also better-looking. Inevitably the robot attracts the attention of the fellow female employee our hapless hero had his eye on. So Kent does what any of us would do, namely plots revenge on Adam the robot.

Demoted and demoralized, Kent enlists the help of his only friend, Garth. Together they devise plan after plan to expose Adam to the world for what he really is – a bucket of bolts incapable of replacing a real person.

Kent succeeds in frying Adam’s circuits forcing his removal from the company but fails to woo Allison who disapproves of the cruelty of Kent’s behaviour.

Alone with only the cold comfort of a well-oiled routine, Kent begins to wonder how much ‘robot’ there is in him and how much ‘humanity’ there was in Adam.

With plenty of humourous insights into the future RUN ROBOT RUN is a thoughtful look at a society sufficiently advanced technologically to create robots but emotionally incapable of living with them.



January 01, 2006


Daniel O'Connor


Daniel O'Connor




82 minutes