Snow White And The Red Shoes. On Fairy Tale Island, princesses and princes are a dime a dozen, but Princess Snow White (Chloë Grace Moretz THE ADDAMS FAMILY) is the only royal more interested in excitement and adventure than fame and fortune. When her father disappears soon after marrying the evil Queen Regina (Gina Gershon RIVERDALE), Snow discovers a pair of magical red shoes in the palace that aid her on her quest for his return.

Meanwhile, led by the arrogant Merlin (Sam Claflin THE HUNGER GAMES), the Fearless Seven are the most heroic, but vain, princes on the island, on hand to save any damsel in distress. After upsetting a fairy princess who turns them into green dwarfs, they set out to find someone who can help break their curse.

When Snow and the Fearless Seven’s paths cross, they join together to search for the missing King and battle the evil Queen, along the way learning that beauty is only skin deep and it’s what is real on the inside that counts.

SNOW WHITE AND THE RED SHOES is directed by SungHo Hong, co-directed by MooHyun Jang and YoungSik Uhm and features animation direction from Jin Kim (FROZEN II, TANGLED, BIG HERO 6). The film also features Jim Rash (STAR WARS: RESISTANCE) and Patrick Warburton (FAMILY GUY).



June 22, 2020


Sung-ho Hong, Moo-Hyun Jang, Young Sik Uhm


WoongSub Ahn, Sung-ho Hong, WooChul Jung, ChangWon Kim, WooSuk Yang


Altitude Film Entertainment


Action, Adventure, Animation


92 minutes