Driving from L.A. to Florida to deliver a vintage Mercedes and attend his sister’s wedding, Sean does the one thing he wasn’t supposed to do – pick up a hitchhiker. And from that moment on, his cross country road trip is transformed into a surreal and blood-soaked nightmare. Sean’s new companion Nick is not the laid back, aimless traveler he seems.

He is a Hunter. And his prey are the bloodletters, a roving band of forsaken youths who viciously feed on the hapless victims they find in the dead of night along deserted highways. In a word, vampires. Little does Sean know that Nick is suffering from a deadly “blood disease” and has been tracking the motley crew for several months. As the miles pass by with his strange new co-pilot, Sean encounters one dark and mysterious delay after another. It seems he’s never going to make it to his sister’s wedding… When Sean and Nick pick up the dazed and frightened Megan (Miko), whom the killers had left for dead, she becomes a human lure, unfinished business that must be attended to. Sean is instantly drawn to her vulnerability and beauty. The stakes are raised when Sean himself is infected with the deadly virus. Nick continues to dodge Sean’s questions but finally, after a heated argument, he is forced to tell Sean everything he knows about the legend of the forsaken. The only cure for them is to kill the host organism, Kit the vicious leader of the vampire gang. It’s a deadly race against time, and if they fail, they will suffer the fate as their enemies — joining the ranks of the insatiable undead forever.”



September 07, 2001


J.S. Cardone


J.S. Cardone


Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)


Horror, Thiller




90 minutes