Retired hit man Jimmy “The Tulip” Tudeski (BRUCE WILLIS) is enjoying the quiet life in a beachfront bungalow in Mexico.

Thanks to falsified dental records supplied by onetime neighbor and friend Nicholas “Oz” Oseransky, D.D.S. (MATTHEW PERRY) at the end of The Whole Nine Yards, Jimmy double-crossed the Gogolak gang and escaped the Feds by faking his own death. Now, secure in his Baja hideaway, Jimmy has traded in his shotgun for a dust buster and is learning to channel his natural intensity into more domestic pursuits like cleaning, decorating and perfecting his culinary skills while working through some of the personal issues that led him to a life of crime. Meanwhile, his wife Jill (AMANDA PEET), an idealistic wannabe assassin who has yet to pull off a clean hit, dreams of the good old days when the only thing her wild man Jimmy cared about wiping up was evidence.

Suddenly, an uninvited guest shows up on the Tudeskis’ doorstep. It’s Oz, breathless and desperate, begging them to help rescue his wife, Cynthia (NATASHA HENSTRIDGE), who has been kidnapped by the Gogolaks.

Jimmy couldn’t be less interested. It’s not his job anymore. But before he can toss Oz out on his ear, more gate-crashers arrive. Newly paroled mob boss Lazlo Gogolak (KEVIN POLLAK) and his goons have followed the naive dentist down from L.A. and right into Jimmy’s front yard. All that crazy old Lazlo has been thinking about in jail is how he’s going to get even with Jimmy for knocking off his favorite son, Yanni, and how he’s going to fix that conniving Oz for helping him get away with it.

Now Jimmy, Oz and Jill will have to go the whole nine yards – and then some – to save Cynthia, teach Lazlo a lesson and keep one step ahead of the mounting mayhem in this sequel to the 2000 hit comedy The Whole Nine Yards.



June 18, 2004


Howard Deutch


Mitchell Kapner (characters & story) & George Gallo (screenplay)


Warner Bros. Pictures


Comedy, Crime, Thriller




98 minutes