Little Monsters(2019)

"Little Monsters is Zombieland with kids where writer/director Abe Forsythe delivers on a fantastically written script"

So I was at Forbidden Planet when I got an email asking if I would kindly review 'Little Monsters'. I was quite pleased with this opportunity... as in I gave out a huge 'HELL YEAH' in the middle of the store, happy as I've been keen to watch this for sometime considering all the love it's been ge...

by Jonathan Hughes (The Killer Spotlight)

Le Mans 66(2019)

"a tribute to two men who made history by doing the impossible and believing in themselves"

Even if you don’t particularly like car racing competitions or mechanic engineering, Le Mans ‘66 will leave you breathless and with the need to know more about the historical competition between Ford and Ferrari back in the 1960’s.

The film focuses on the friendship between Ken Mile...

by Federica Roberti


"An exciting prospect that never truly delivers"

The story of John DoLorean is indeed an interesting one. A tale of glamorous homes, swarve parties and cheating the system is to be had, oh and cars; almost in a Wolf of Wall Street manner with a sprinkle of The Big Short instantly springs to mind when watching. Whether this is a good thing or ba...

by Gloria Daniels-Moss

The Aeronauts(2019)

"tells a story about finding something worth living for and pushing oneself out of any comfort zone by taking inspiration from real events"

If you are looking for a story celebrating the father of meteorology and a discovery of how pressure, air and humidity are involved in changing the weather, The Aeronauts is not that kind of film, it is a story about pushing boundaries, conquering fears and fighting for progress when no one belie...

by Federica Roberti

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines(2019)

"this animated adventure is thrilling and engaging from start to finish"

Following Batman: Hush, the latest entry in the DC Universe is Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, a retelling of the Wonder Woman origin in part, this animated adventure is thrilling and engaging from start to finish.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines opens with familiar beats as Steve Trevor (Jeffrey Dono...

by Marc Jason Ali

Zombieland: Double Tap(2019)

"there are some genuinely funny and high points throughout"

Ten years have passed since Zombieland hit our screens and since then a hell of lot has changed; aside from the obvious changes in the Economy and Politics, in the film world, the horror genre has become over saturated with zombie focused entries, be that serious horror, to the darkly comic or ev...

by Ben Peter Ward