"Sick, twisted, yet touching and criminally funny... "

Colonial re-enactment. Erectile dysfunction. Senile dementia. This bizarre Holy Trinity make up what is one of the most original, touching and downright hilarious films that I have seen in a very long time.

Based on the book of the same name (written by Chuck Palahniuk who also wrote Fight Club no less) we follow Vincent (played magnificently by Sam Rockwell) as he endeavours not only to cure himself of his sex addiction, but also to work out whether he has a father or was cloned from the foreskin of Jesus Christ (see what I did there with the Holy Trinity - I'm funny huh!).

It's a strange old film this, managing to find the perfect blend of humour and sincerity, without ever being clichéd. It serves up traditional heart warming tales - a sons love for his mother, the unbreakable friendship between best friends, and finally finding true love. The venues for these tales are not so traditional - read special care facility (aka looney bin), strip club and airplane toilet cubicle.

Whilst I am basing this on no personal experience whatsoever, it would appear that Choke manages that which is near impossible in Hollywood - turning a great book into a great film. So often the sense of character and individuality is lost during the transfer from page to celluloid (as if proof were needed just look at Captain Correli's Mandolin), but unless Choke is single-handedly the best book ever written, I think that this adaptation can only do it justice (but I'd still recommend you read the book - I'm definitely going to!).