"whether or not you like this film will depend a lot on your sense of humour"

Would I go back in time to watch this again - no..... I realise I've been away for a while, but unlike the protagonists of FAQ About Time Travel, I haven't been doing anything as excited as mastering the space time continuum - I've just been on holiday. Worryingly, I really do wish I had been mastering the concept of time travel, because quite a large part of me would have been tempted to turn the clock back 90 minutes and avoid seeing this film. Now it's not horrific. In fact it made me laugh a few times, but given the choice of what to do with my time, I can think of many more pleasurable activities than watching FAQ About Time Travel.The premise of the film is that three mates, stuck in dead end jobs at a fun fair, accidentally discover a rip in space time in their local pubs toilet - meaning every time they go to the loo, they exit into a completely different era than they were in before.

Queue hilarious consequences....except there aren't any. There's a story that doesn't really go anywhere, perhaps the worst on-screen romance that has ever existed, and the nagging doubt that this feels like an extended version of a not very amusing TV show (NOTHING to do with the fact that it is a joint venture between the BBC and HBO, and the director lists Three Pints of Lager and The Smoking Room in his resume.....).I've heard this as being dubbed a cross between Shaun of the Dead and Dr Who - in reality this offering doesn't stand up to either - the script, acting and gags just aren't on the same level.

In (this) reality, whether or not you like this film will depend a lot on your sense of humour. For me, it just didn't click - at the end of the day it just didn't feel like a cinema experience.....I'd save the money and watch the re-runs of the IT Crowd on BBC IPlayer instead.