"The exceptional cast made up of some of Hollywood's finest is just the cherry on top of this fantastic cake"

This year’s London Film Festival had so many titles coming from the beloved streaming platform Netflix. Closing this edition with laughter and plenty of easter eggs is Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. 

The only connection with the first movie is the well acclaimed detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), who, after the 2020 pandemic, is in desperate need to solve a true crime once again. He needs a challenge to tease his brain and his prayers are answered when a mysterious wooden box gets delivered to his home. 

After solving all the riddles to open it, Blanc discovers that he is invited to a murder mystery weekend on a private greek island by none other than tech billionaire Miles Bron (Edward Norton). Along with him, 7 more guests are invited, all of them connected to Miles and his Company. 

Everything is set for a weekend of fun, until someone ends up dead, giving Blanc the chance to solve yet another mystery. It can be easy to think that, after Knives Out’s success, making another similar movie could be risky. The audience could have high expectations based on the first movie, and might end up disappointed. Luckily this is not the case with Glass Onion. Not only has Rian Johnson mastered the murder mystery formula, he even mixed it together with even more comedic scenes. 

Glass Onion is fast paced marked by unexpected turn of events, hilarious references to pop culture and Easter eggs. Time flies while watching the story unfold on the screen and the audience is captivated by the events, even the most preposterous and absurd. 

Everything culminates in the grand finale, which, in all its glory, ties all the loose ends and brings justice to the spectacles that is this murder mystery. 

The exceptional cast made up of some of Hollywood's finest is just the cherry on top of this fantastic cake. Each and everyone of them brought their personality and charisma to the screen and they complimented their performance without any effort.

It was going to be difficult to top Knives Out with another brilliant whodunit, however Rian Johnson did it again with an explosion of opulence, unexpected twists and a lot of comic relief.