"stands the test of time"

I grew up on classic rock, be it Bread, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Journey or AC/DC to name but a few, although the one band that always stood out most for me was Queen, and they were one band that I always desperately wanted to see live in their original line up -  and now, thankfully, with the release of Hungarian Rhapsody - Queen Live in Budapest, I can effectively live out my fantasy.

Obviously, seeing a live DVD isn't the same as being there, but seeing the late and great Freddie Mercury strut his stuff, owning the stage as he did best is great for any fan, just as it is to see Brian May's power plays as he flawlessly lets rip, in what is truly a sight to behold. I just wish I had been there, but hey I was only three years old in 1986, so I wouldn't have appreciated what I was seeing anyway.

As for the film, it's essentially a concert movie, which I feel stands the test of time with all the classic songs being presented in the way they were intended - everything from Under Pressure to Now I'm Here to It's a Kind of Magic, as well as the more obvious choices; the likes of the mesmerising Bohemian Rhapsody and the now signature hit We will Rock You. It's all there cut together with candid footage portraying the sheer, unconditional love that these rock legends had for the profession, combined with a healthy dosage of tongue-in-cheek humour.

The stand out moment for me has to be witnessing Mercury sing flawlessly in Hungarian, as it just shows the sheer talent of the man who is so sorely missed. Okay, he may have had it written on his hand, but he didn't stutter or stumble over the words - simply amazing!

While the live performance is the obvious highlight, what interested me more so is what transpires, a culmination of interviews revolving around their soundtrack album for various films, including cult classic Highlander - where they discuss blending footage from the film and having Christopher Lambert with them while they perform for the music video, as well as talk of their triumphant European tour.

Queen are simply one of those bands that have stood the test of time, and no matter who steps on stage in the role of frontman, no one will ever replace Freddie Mercury - and watching him in all his glory here is worth the admission fee alone.