"restoring my faith in the horror genre?"

My Bloody Valentine 3D - A slasher film with a difference, and I suppose that difference comes from its roots in the 1981 version. This isn't a bad thing at all, the cast and crew delivered far more than what I was expecting (a skeptic of the horror genre, slasher flicks in particular). I went in with my eyes and ears open and wasn't disappointed, the gore is minimal which made it more realistic. What struck me is that all of the characters fight back, which is something we don't see in so many horror films. It pays homage to its roots, with a couple of gritty B-movie scenes. The 3D gimmick works surprisingly well, not just for the 'in your face' splatters but the visual depth and intensity levels.

The premise of this (phycho on the loose, gorgeous cast that get hacked to pieces) is the same as other slasher flicks, but at its heart (no pun intended). It is superbly made and brilliantly acted, Jensen Ackles is superb, I've always liked his work from Dark Angel to Smallville, he's a credit to the profession. Kerr Smith and Jaime King are equally brilliant.

I'm not a complete convert yet, I still have issues with the horror genre. If films like My Bloody Valentine 3D continue to be made that don't just go through the motions of usual slasher flicks, continue to surprise and shock me for the right reasons then I'll be sure to watch them. All in all this film ticked all the right boxes for me, and has restored some of my faith in the horror genre, but please don't make a sequel, prequel or clone since this has shown what slasher flicks should be.