"a definite tear jerker; it captures the audience and gives them a ride of emotions"

LaGravenese, who is better known for having scripted "The Fisher King," "A Little Princess" and "The Bridges of Madison County" than for directing the respectable "Living Out Loud" and "Freedom Writers," leaves no sentimental stone unturned.

This movie is a definite tear jerker; it captures the audience and gives them a ride of emotions. Every time I thought something pleasant was about to happen to Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank) I was stunned with something sad. On the other hand, when I felt something bad was going to happen I was comforted with a laugh. Hilary Swank and Gerald Butler have really great on-screen chemistry. In the scenes they have together, you totally believe they are in love and why Holly is so bereaved when he dies.

It's amazing how when you truly love somebody you will do just about anything for the other person. Gerry shows us just that by sending Holly messages even after his death. Although the film does stray from the book at times, in my opinion it's an improvement. For example, Gerard Butler is not only in the first 10 minutes of the film, but he is also in a lot of flashbacks. It was also a joy to hear him sing again (which he has not done in a movie since "The Phantom of the Opera").

Hilary and Gerald did an outstanding job with their roles. Kathy Bates plays the over-bearing, slightly butch mother and plays it well. Lisa Kudrow did a fine job as the supportive friend Denise. however I feel this part could have been cast differently. Sadly, I couldn't get Phoebe (Friends) from out of my mind during the entire film. Likewise with Danniel (Harry Connick Jr.), although he did a decent job of acting I probably would have selected a different unknown actor in order for the story to have more of a sustained impact.

However, the story is excellent and very well written. I did not lose interest in the film for a second. "P.S. I Love You" is a must see for the any romantic.