"A real treat for all the family with a timeless relevant message"

A real treat for all the family with a timeless relevant message that is a reminder to all of us from the youngest to the oldest that we should believe in ourselves and be proud of who we are.

Even when it can seem to be going wrong for Charlie Brown, with good people plus Snoopy around him to remind him that he is “really something special” his whole perception of life and himself can be bright again. Charlie Brown shows a very human trait of doubt that is cured by his friends belief in him.

In the film we see Charlie Brown struggle with confidence; brought on by his admiration for The Little Red-Haired Girl , a new classmate that has strolled into his classroom and flipped his life upside down. From then on Charlie Brown with the help of his loyal pal Snoopy prepares to mould himself into what he believes to be the perfect man for her.

Learning to dance and do magic tricks, Charlie Brown shows much dedication and ambition to his plan to impress her but after trying his best, his honest qualities and helpful nature seem to lead him backwards in the cool kid book.

The Peanuts Movie is beautiful; both in story telling and aesthetics, peppered in to the runtime of The Peanuts Movie are terrific fantasy sequences where the loveable beagle Snoopy is the flying Ace, going up against his nemesis - The Red Barron; these sequences are wonderful and utilise the 3D wonderfully.

The genius aspect of Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie is that they used age appropriate voice Actors for the cast of children and used original recordings by Bill Melendez for the voice of Snoopy and Woodstock, which really does pay tribute and continue the legacy left by Charles Shultz.

Something else I really admired about the film was that the children used objects that were appropriate to the time that Schultz first conceived Peanuts; at no point do any of the characters get out their tablets or reference Google; it is accurate to the time and doesn’t stray from that.

Charlie Brown demonstrates loyalty to his friends handing back a wrongly awarded title for smartest kid, and forfeits his place in a talent competition to help out his little sister. Consistently he sets a great example for children everywhere. Of course he didn’t realise until the very end that he didn’t need to change at all in fact The Little Red-Haired Girl has quietly noticed him through the course of the film, seeing that he is a wonderful person and leaves for summer camp after declaring this to Charlie.

With nice parallels to the original characters Charlie Brown and friends provide a real safe fun children’s entertainment that simplicity of story and design makes a nice easy watch, authentically adjusted for screen by Steve Martino and his creative team.