"The LEGO® Movie made a promise that ‘Everything is Awesome’ and The LEGO® Batman Movie delivers on that and cranks it up to eleven"

So here we are again. Another film in the Batman legacy to grace our screens, and if Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice left a sour taste in your mouth, then you can rejoice in the fact that this time it’s LEGO® Batman (voiced masterfully by Will Arnett) leading the charge, picking up the metaphorical ball following the surprise success of 2014’s The LEGO® Movie.

The film begins with a voiceover that’s hilarious - if you thought the fourth wall-breaking in the colossal hit Deadpool was something, you’ll get a kick out of this. It then moves swiftly into the action with the same frenetic pace of the aforementioned LEGO® Movie which just goes to show its live-action counter parts how it is done!

Peppered throughout the film are playful yet irreverent jabs at the likes of Suicide Squad and Iron Man, and there is a masterful montage of Batman through the years, with plenty of call backs for Dark Knight fans.

I’m being purposely vague here because I don’t want to spoil it, however I will say that if you ever played with LEGO® as a child (or even as an adult) and you grabbed all the toys you owned and utilised them in your LEGO® adventure, then that is essentially what this film is. Whilst it does have a plethora of DC characters from heroes to villains, it also includes plenty of non-DC characters too. The LEGO® Movie made a promise back in 2014 that ‘Everything is Awesome’ and The LEGO® Batman Movie delivers on that and cranks it up to eleven!

Music is also a big part of the movie, and as well as Batman himself singing, the music cues in the film are fantastic and bring a wonderful contrast to the dark and brooding world of The Dark Knight.

At its core there is also the message of belonging and family. Without spoiling the film, it does so in a very interesting way. As I said before, everything is awesome, so roll on the LEGO® Ninjago Movie later this year!