"Anyone who has struggled with addiction will be gripped by the performance by Benicio Del Toro"

There has been a growing trend recently, where the films are based on everyday events. I think Tom Hanks said it best when he said in the recent Charlie Wilson's War press conference 'I think you could make an interesting film about building a bridge if you tell it right'.

This is true of the latest offering from producer Sam Mendes and director Susanne Bier, 'Things We Lost In The Fire' is a heart wrenching look at how a family deals with the pain and emptiness of the loss of a loved one, at first, I thought Brian was killed in a fire, hence the title but through flash backs it shows how he was killed.

Halle Berry is extraordinary as Audrey Burke, a widow and mother of two who slowly comes to terms with the tragic loss of her husband Brian Burke (David Duchovny); shot dead for helping a victim of brutal domestic violence. Benecio Del Toro's performance as Jerry Sunborne is equally great. Following his best friend's death Jerry accepts an invitation to move in with Audrey and the kids - Dory (Micah Berry) and Harper (Alexis Llewellyn). Both children play their roles beautifully, reacting to the new element in their lives and welcoming him with open arms. In fact, they get so attached to the recovering Heroine addict that Harper calls him a "pretend dad". A fellow former junkie, Kelly (Alison Lohman) helps the family along with their grief, sharing some insights into her own loss and helping the family 'remember the good' by remembering Brian as he was.

Things We Lost In The Fire, is a slow moving film with steady character building. It is heart felt to watch with an underlying strong message, which comes out towards the end when Brian says was 'these are just things, at least we have each other'.

Anyone who knows anyone who has struggled with addiction will be gripped by the performance by Benicio Del Toro. This could be one of the best films of the year, (and it's only January!) I give this film two thumbs up for its incredible realism and thought provoking idea, which are ultimately real and heart felt by all.